Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stacks of books

My friend thought I would enjoy Sue Monk Kidd's
 "Traveling with Pomegranates."
I requested it from the library. I enjoyed her "The Secret Life of Bees".
  I decided to read all of Kidd's work.

While shopping in the thrift store I found
"The Mermaid Chair."
Looks as if Sue Monk Kidd
will be the author of the month come January!

When I went to pick my book up at the library I spent some time in the stacks.

I found many books.

I shall be posting about these books.

                                                                      I am inspired!

There are more books in my book bag.
I plan on doing lots of reading.
I plan on doing lots of creating.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

December reading

I have been reading about
Father Christmas this month

and Angels.

A poem a day keeps my spirits bright.

I have been reading stories written about Jesus.

This little book has inspired me to write the story of my
Little House. It is one of my 2010 projects.

This book has inspired me to write my own cookbook.
I am glutton intolerant and have just begun baking again.

The photography in this book is wonderful.
I am learning!

Another 2010 project.
Maybe even a new blog!

Many stories I read each December.

I like to sit by my fire and have tree time with a story and some music.

I need a few books about flora and fauna each month.

My son gave me this book in 1998 for Christmas.

My daughter had it signed by the author for me.

This is a very special book for me.

I read it every Christmas Eve.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A few more books

I am reading and reading.
Not only am I reading about the native
to my area plants but also about flax.

I want to grow flax next year.

For now I am just reading and planning.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

November Books

In November I celebrate the American Indian.

I enjoy this poem so very much.

I enjoy the illustrations in this edition.

This year I decided to read the entire poem.

I am continuing my study of the Prairie
and the people who lived here.

I am planning a field trip.

I would like to go to Kentucky and see this lick.
I will be visiting Missouri's Mastodon State Historic Site this weekend.
I have located a lick in Missouri so I will plan a field trip to see it.
I started reading these myths and legends last year.
I read them slowly and imagine hearing them told around a warm winter fire.

This is another story I have read many times.

Each day in November I read a blessing.

I became interested in quarks and quasars.
while working on my ABC Wednesday Q post.

I saw this book at the library.
I set up sacred spaces and this looks interesting.

I am listening to Paul Winter.

What are you reading?

What are you listening to?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A few more books

I am writing.
I am writing about celebrating October.

I am reading.

I am preparing for another field trip.

I am smitten with those that walked this
Good Red Road before me.

I am learning.

Friday, October 9, 2009

October's Books

In October I am celebrating magical flora.
Oracles are my theme for the month.

I am preparing for my indoor winter gardens.
I brought in huge pots of lavender and am planting my haunted forest.

I am learning more about the birds.

I am studying my own backyard.

I am learning about the symbols and the history of Missouri.

All summer I have walked the different sections of the Prairie.

Now I am studying the different people
of the Prairie.

I am studying the migration of the birds and butterflies and people.

This is a large study I have begun.

My friend suggested I read, "Hanta Yo", an historical novel.
I fell in love.

When I hiked to a series of Indian Mounds in South-central Iowa I was awed.
These ancients have much to teach this Prairie girl.

While I sit at the spinning wheel I am listening to lectures
and audio books.

In the evenings I am reading.

Once again I am smitten.

Once again I have fallen in love.

Professor Betsey Dexter Dyer taught me to love bacteria.

My study comes full circle.
I shall walk the mounds.
My winter count is on the Prairie.