Saturday, October 22, 2011

October's Books

I am treasuring each page in my
new botanical.
My herbal is on the coffee table.

I am preparing for winter.

I am gathering the last of the herbs

and drying what I can.
We watched this funny movie this past week.
I requested it from the library.

I read lots of books about garlic.
We planted our garlic patch.
It is our first attempt.
I hope to have plenty of heads to share next summer.
I feel as if I am an Alchemist.

My husband stirs together the leaves and clippings
 and makes black gold.
The best kind of gold.
I am making hand lotion
and mug hugs.
I am gathering my wools.

Winter hand sewing should be very fun this year.

My herb cabinet is full.
I have been fixing my chamomile tea in the evenings.
The theremin is such an interesting instrument.
I want one.
Brushing up on my sewing technique.
I will open the sewing machine next month.
My husband is interested in trying out gourd carving.

We have projects planned for winter.