Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Self Massage

I am learning how to do self massage.

I also am looking for ideas for feeding the birds.
It is one of my favorite hobbies.

I always like to have a bit of science to bite into.

Stephen Hawking has an amazing mind!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Many books

I use the on line card catolog to request books, cds and dvds from my library.
I have found many interesting books and authors.
I always enjoy reading about nature and am interested in reading more of Bernd Heinrich's work.
I used the search word, "winter" and was instantly exposed to hundreds of books.

We are studing caves in 2011. I am requesting books now.

When I typed "grapefruit" into search  " How to Prevent Your Stroke" came up. I am very interested in stroke prevention.
My Mother and my Grandmother both died from a stroke. I hope grapefruit is part of prevention. I do enjoy my grapefruit!

I recycle and have been wrapping paper free for many years. I was delighted to find this charming book. I buy silk scarves at the thrift stores to use for my wrapping paper.
I like to have a few fairy tales about.
There are many I have never read.
I enjoy children's stories.
Carl Sandburg is a favorite author.
I talk to the Moon even when I am not lonesome!
Miss Moon is my favorite Moon too. She is the tiny Slipper Moon
just after New Moon.

I always like to have a bit of science to read too.
I have many interests and the library is the best resource.

Friday, December 3, 2010

December's books

I read lots of books each month.

I enjoyed this one so very much
I re-read it!
I am just being introduced to the tales of the Cowboys.

This one event defined my parent's generation.

I like to have a fairy tale
and a poem each day.

I am studying snow this month

and each day I have a snow related topic.

While walking with my husband
I talk about what I am reading.

He is a great reader as well.

We both love the Owls.

There are so many different ones so
we have decided to study Owls in 2011.

My friend is a dedicated reader.
She suggested "The Shadow Effect."
This book is very interesting.
I am taking it slowly.

Sharing what I am reading
 is one of the greatest joys I know of.
What are you reading?