Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Craft Books

When I shop the second hand booksellers
I always look for craft books.
My collection is growing.

I am so spoilt too!
The prices are wonderful.

The craft books are inspiring.

I have been looking for felting books.

So far I have not found any.

I ended up at the retail bookseller,
I still did not find any books on millinery.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

November's Books

I am celebrating the North American Indians in November.
I thought reading some of their myths would help me better understand
their ways.

I also picked up this bead work book at the secondhand book sellers.
I am interested in learning about the crafts and art of the American Indians.

I know some of the history of the Native Americans.
I have been to part of the Trail of Tears.
I would like to travel more of this trail.

I am just beginning to plan my gardens for next year.
I would like to plant a Dyer's Garden.
I think it would go nicely with my wool and felting.

I have few other books stacked up
ready for a cold November day.