Friday, September 19, 2008

Books, books, books

Once again I went to the used book store.
Once again a pile of books found their way to my coffee table.

With migration under way I thought this book would be a way of joining in.

I enjoy natural history and this looks to be about the classification of animals in the Victorian age. Harriet Ritvo has other books out. If this as good as it looks I will want to read them.
Anything written by Sue Hubbell is a wonderful read.

I am saving this book for this winter when the cold north wind blows and I am missing the bees.
The best piles in my house are piles of books.

Monday, September 8, 2008

September reading

A trip to the used bookstore over the weekend
and I have some exciting September reading.

I started this one right away.

This is an interesting Quarterly.
The short essays are just right for standing in line.
It fits in my purse too.

I have been looking for this book.
Perfect to celebrate the migration of the Monarch
which has begun.

My son recommended this book.
I am saving it to read on his birthday.
I will not be able to celebrate his special day with him
but I can celebrate the love we both have for the Trees.
What are you reading this September?