Thursday, February 24, 2011

End of February

A few more books to finish up February.
I enjoyed learning about the history of the painting
"St. George and the Dragon".
I am looking for other biographies of paintings.
A bit of entertainment
and learning.
My favorite this week is the study
of microbes.

I am having lots of fun hunting for Angels.

I am just dreaming of travel.

I have been convalescing.

I understand the joy of becoming friends
with a snail.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

February's Books

My friend sent me a lovly book about Lavender.
I am treasuring each page.

I am always looking for inspiration.
I want to embroidery a dragon on my hat.

I bought Pleasure Healing so I could highlight and made notes in the margins. While I am recovering from pneumonia I have been
enjoying some spa activity. Foot baths just feel so nice!

Making plans to grow more food for my table
this coming growing season.

We need to do some remolding.

We need to do some 
work in the kitchen.

There is aways plenty to read.

There are always poems!