Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A few more books

I am writing.
I am writing about celebrating October.

I am reading.

I am preparing for another field trip.

I am smitten with those that walked this
Good Red Road before me.

I am learning.

Friday, October 9, 2009

October's Books

In October I am celebrating magical flora.
Oracles are my theme for the month.

I am preparing for my indoor winter gardens.
I brought in huge pots of lavender and am planting my haunted forest.

I am learning more about the birds.

I am studying my own backyard.

I am learning about the symbols and the history of Missouri.

All summer I have walked the different sections of the Prairie.

Now I am studying the different people
of the Prairie.

I am studying the migration of the birds and butterflies and people.

This is a large study I have begun.

My friend suggested I read, "Hanta Yo", an historical novel.
I fell in love.

When I hiked to a series of Indian Mounds in South-central Iowa I was awed.
These ancients have much to teach this Prairie girl.

While I sit at the spinning wheel I am listening to lectures
and audio books.

In the evenings I am reading.

Once again I am smitten.

Once again I have fallen in love.

Professor Betsey Dexter Dyer taught me to love bacteria.

My study comes full circle.
I shall walk the mounds.
My winter count is on the Prairie.