Friday, December 7, 2007


While putting out my December things I sat down and read this 1896,
children's book. I normally just put it up on a stand with an old oil lamp.
I had never actually read it. I liked the cover when I bought it.
I thought it would be nice for decorating.
This little collection of stories has stayed in my mind all week.
It seems to me I have a cluster of stories. I relate these stories when I talk to friends and family. They are about what I did, who I saw and what they did. Sometimes I even have a story about how I felt about what I did and who I saw.
I even tell myself stories. My inner dialogue entertains me. I have an inner cluster of stories. Private stories I seldom share.

Every December I read A Christmas Carol.
I know many lines by heart.
Lately I have been thinking about the Spirit of Christmas Past, Present and Future.
What do my Spirits look like?

I cannot imagine a life without poetry.
I often have little ones hanging around in the corners of my mind. Little snippets and lines of mismatched words. If I do not write them down they begin to be my inner story. Characters will grow and soon I am in a fantasy land of silks and birds.

December seems to be the magical month. I create special foods and listen to special music. I want to spend time with those I love. I want to create a magical time so my memories of Christmas are sweet and joyful. I make lists of things to do. I make lists of
ideas for next year.

I find that I am similar to Sei Shonagon. We both have lists. I have a list of lists.

Do you take a break from the December frenzy and read? I need at least five minutes every day of the written word. I need about five minutes everyday to update my lists.