Saturday, September 10, 2011

September's Books

I have an assortment of books I am reading this month.
My friend sent me How to read Symbols. I am treasuring every word. It will reside in my reference library.

I have purchased a few books for September.

A friend and I will be working The Vein of Gold together.
It will be my Autumn journey.
I have a new red leather journal to write in for my adventure.

I almost always have a few craft books about.

This October I will be making masks again.

My son thought I would enjoy Blink. 
He was right!
A very fun read.
I have been reading about growing tulips.

When I learned of Swan Wings I was so excited.
I found them on line and ordered 20 bulbs.

I am planing my winter hand sewing.
I have decided to do white on white.
Candlewick would be fun to do.

These are Swan days for me.
I am reading Swan stories.

For my retreat at the end of the month I decided
to read Deepak Chopra.
We watched Ponyp last night.
I love everything Hayao Miyazaki has created.

I am listening to Carnival of the Animals
and taking care of caterpillars.

What is on your nightstand?