Sunday, June 24, 2012

June's Books

My favorite book this past month is
Sunflowers The Secret History.

I like to have a few poetry books about.

I enjoy Barbara Hurd's voice.

Now that summer is here I need onspiration for the gardens.

I just might buy this rose book.
I am learning all I can about growing roses.

Every summer I read and try to put into practice
Nonviolent Communication. 

I like having some light heated reading before bed.

My study of design continues.

It is a serious study.

I love looking at pictures
and being inspired.
I love beginning a new hobby.
Our rock tumbler is tumbling.
It is very exciting!

I am hoping to pack the picnic basket in July.
Lots of fun books!

Friday, May 25, 2012

May Reading

I have learned more about my human body from
this witty and easy to read natural history book than
anything I have ever read.
I think it should be required reading!

I am just starting this book on Paleo-Indians.
I like to read prehistory before bed.
Dreaming of Mammoths makes me happy.

I love learning about the bugs.

The Hurricane season is upon us.

I bought my own copy.
Required living for me.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May's books

I bought my own copy of Walking Your Talk.
Everyday I read a page or two. I am taking notes.
I am learning the language of my body.

I also bought my own copy of this amazing book.
I would love to learn how to do Stumpwork!

While shopping at the used book store my husband
found this gem.
 I love having a book about bugs to read.

I like to have some inspirational books about too.

This looks interesting.

This was a delicious tidbit my friend thought I would enjoy.

My before lights off bedtime delight!
Reading about pre-Clovis sets my imagination wandering.
I have been having amazing dreams
 of hunters and gatherers.
What is on your nightstand?

Monday, April 2, 2012

April's Books

We received our Spring Kiting magazine.
I will savor every word.
My W.W. II study continues.
I am intrigued by the way the Allies treasured the art in Italy.
They took care.
Once again I am inspired by artist that use natural finds.

I love learning about my passions.

Slowly I am learning the Latin names of the plants that grow in my backyard.

Modern Scholar has wonderful lectures.

Monday, March 26, 2012

March's Books

I try to read every evening before I go to sleep.
This journey makes for nice dreams.
I love the study of phenology.

This is a great book.
A zip-zap-zip guide to identifying

I have checked this book out of the library so many times
it is time for me to buy my own copy.

I love the history and folklore
of plants.

I decided to read this book now and try to
remember to save pods as the seasons advance.

I finally bought this field guide.
I have checked it out too many times.
I really need my own copy to mark up!

Always nice to learn a bit more about the equipment!
These two books are on my wish list.

I am making curtains for my yellow office.
It is a bright and sunny room.
I want something informal.

I do love kites.

March is almost over.
April showers may bring me afternoons to read.
I hope so.