Saturday, June 25, 2011

June reading

I bought a few books while on holiday.

I have begun to plan my next adventure.
I want to find the gem and fossil trails in the Mid-west.

I picked up a few requested books from the library.

I am learning about book binding.
I want to make my own journals.
I need them for when I find gem trails.

I always have lots of paper to recycle.
I am thinking it would be fun to create with all the scap paper that comes my way.

I have fallen in love with petroglyphs.

While in Portland, Oregon we saw the documentary,
 "Cave of Forgotten Dreams."
It is about the rock art in Chauvet Cave in southern France.

When I came across this book in the on line library card catolog I was not sure what it would be about.

I am an avid photgrapher.
It is easy for me to take 100 plus photographs a day.
I work with three cameras and lots of different lens.
I have a huge collection of images.

I knew right away this was an important book for me.

"Several of the animal figures in the collection in the Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc cave were drawn with a finger moving on a thin film of clay. In French the term for such a drawing is trace digital, or digital drawing. We are at once linked from twenty-first century digital images to the digital images of our ancestors, reminded that the computer-based use of the term is anchored in our very physical nature and reminded that construction of images is a purposeful act."

A book I requested last winter has come in.
I will enjoy looking through.
Maybe I will sew up a few birds.
I have a bird collection.