Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Books

I always have books open, laying here and there.
I stop as I walk through a room and read a page or two.
The Ancestor's Tale is on my nightstand.
I read a couple of pages before bed.
It is a delight.
I have read this book three times. It is a summer read for me.
This year I am highlighting as I read and trying to change the way I speak. I am very committed to living and speaking the non-violent
life. I am learning. My daughter is excellent with this way.

I enjoy many different topics.

I have begun my own dream symbol journal.

Since the Festival of the Cedars is in August
I thought I would reread The Prophet.

My new favorite news letter!

I am making my own Luna Astrology.
It is fun!

My friend Wendy's book
is a treasure!