Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Reading

My friend Cheryl sent "Tree Wisdom"
a couple of months ago.

I read a few pages before turning the light off at night.
I dream about friends and trees!

Sue Turner is a wonderful poet.
I fell in love with her work through her blog, Tumblewords.
I read a poem with my morning pear.

In the morning I have a cup of Yoga!
I feel ready to start the day after a good stretch!

I am sorting
one drawer, one cabinet at a time.
I must remember progress not perfection is what I look for.

My knitting is coming along.
I began my next project. I am learning the different stitches.
Hopefully after I finish a skein of wool I will be comfortable with each one.

I am planning my indoor winter gardens.
I also am thinking about how I want to re-do my gardens.
I want to grow more food.
I am thinking about small fruit trees and bushes.

Michael Pollan was in town and we went to see him.

I checked this book out of the library.
Sometimes I like to read and take notes.

I bought a Yogurt maker.

Now I am learning how to cook and bake with it.

I enjoy my daily yogurt.

My Doctor prescribed the next two books.

Wow! I am so impressed with both of these authors.

Both of these books have changed my life.

I have read them twice and I have taken notes.

I now practice mindfulness daily.

I saw this gem at the library.

It is full of wonderful tidbits.

I like this book so much it is on my look for list.

I would love to highlight and write in the margins!

What are you reading this summer?