Sunday, June 27, 2010

June Reading

I seem to have four or five books going at once.
I have stacks of books waiting to be read.

This books has inspired me to keep on taking photographs.

I began my study of Venus.
So very interesting how we are influenced by this planet and the mythology surrounding Venus.
I began a Venus journal. I want to document just how often I fall in love.
I just fell in love with fresh salads. I love the taste and crunch of celery.

I think we have contracts and agreements.
I married my soul mate.
I am learning about my archetypes.
I am learning about Cancer and my Warrior.

I am learning about graceful living.

My friend asked me to read this inspiring book.
So far I am nodding my head in agreement with every paragraph.

We watched Avatar.
I so miss my tail and the ability to plug in.

I am reading nature writers.

My daughter gave me this delight.

I am reading stories about amazing women,

learning how to unblock my chakras,

and how to be the best I can be.
I am always learning.
I am reading.