Friday, April 27, 2007

Week 17

This entry reminded me of how the wild birds in the back yard know me. They know when the seed lady "should" be bringing out breakfast. Mocking Bird wants his raisins, if I have failure to bring them out in a timely fashion he will knock on the window!
I often wonder who is in control?

I feel so responsible for the birds that when I was on vacation this past December I hired a young woman to come to my house every day to feed the birds..

With Spring in full swing I now have front yard birds and back yard birds. They need seperate feeding stations and water for drinking and bathing.
The feeders need to be cleaned and refilled; the water kept fresh.

Now the Baltimore Orioles have returned.
I am mesmerized by their bright orange and black feathers.
They have nectar and fresh orange slices and grape jelly.

I saw a Hummingbird this morning!
Those feeders need fresh nectar every other day.

So far no bird has told me by their peeps if it will rain soon.
They do let me know if they want more seed or peanuts or grape jelly.

Do you feed the birds?

Friday, April 20, 2007

My Almanac

I have been reading a few essays every night in
"East Wind Melts the Ice".

I enjoy the way Liza Dalby dove-tails all of her interests.
I keep all sorts of journals.
I document butterfly and bird sightings, flower bloom times and when I planted seeds or plants.
I keep a monthly journal of comings and goings.
I think I will follow Lisa Dalby's lead.
I want to dove-tail my interests.
I am thinking a weekly almanac with photos and poems and musings would be fun to do.
I could gather my thoughts once a week and write my own almanac.
Is this book affecting you?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Book as Object

When my book arrived I was very excited. Carefully I unwrapped it and held it.
Even before I opend the cover I was pleased. The dust jacket alone was inspiring.
The size and weight seemed perfect for reading in bed.
Once inside I found eloquent publishing touches.
I want to savor each word.
It is a beautiful book.
The images Liza Dalby discribes float in my mind as I drift off to sleep.
Tonight I will read , "8-golden orioles sing".
The Gold Finches in my garden have been singing to me.
Housefrau and I talked about "Book as object." Her phrase!
She sent a link.
Thank you Housefrau!

Friday, April 6, 2007

For Easter weekend I am reading "The Velveteen Rabbit".

The Tales of Beatrix Potter are also a favorite of mine.
Every now and again I need a children's story.
What is your favorite childrens story?