Sunday, March 2, 2008

Three books for March

I read this reference book every March.
It helps me get into the spirit of the
Emerald Isle.
I also read The Hobbit every March.
I want to watch the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings again this month.

I love this book.
I enjoy the story and the illustrations.
I like having a stack of books to read.
Some stories deserve re-reading.
What are you reading?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

HI Sherry, I finally got to start "The People" book. It seems like it is going to be a good read. I have been so busy enjoying the warm spring-like weather we have had the past few days. The temps have dropped 15 degrees since I got up this a.m. Winter isn't going to give up easily.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I do hope you enjoy "People of the Book". I really enjoyed Snowflower and the Secret Fan".
It dropped 40 degrees here! I cannot bundle up today and venture forth. The north wind is soooo cold.
Your owl pictures are just wonderful. I just cam imagine how delighted you were to see him. I keep thinking about how nice it must have been for you.
Winter is not going to give way to Spring here for awhile longer either.
Our brief warm up was so windy that I just sat quietly on the deck. I was concerned I would be blown over!
Happy reading.

Rob said...

Just finished Desert Queen by Janet Wallach, biography of an Oxford graduate who went traveling in the desert, a contemporary of D.H.Lawrence. fabulous! Also, a James Cobb thriller, can't stop reading Arctic Event.

Q said...

Dear Robin,
How nice to meet you!
Thank you for the book suggestions. I read fiction so quickly! I am in search of a few good books to get lost in!
I shall ckeck the library to see if these two are available.

Elisabetta said...

Dear Q,
sorry for my English!! I'm Italian, I have found your blog recently an i love it! I enjoy to watch the birds photos.
I'm reading the Karla trilogy by John Le Carrè, I'm on the second book "the onourable schoolboy". my mother loved this author very much so now that she isn't here anymore it seems to me to have her nearby. I'd like to read lisa's book but I don't know it it has been translated in Italian
Goodbye Penny

Q said...

Dear Penny,
Never worry about your English!
It is nice to meet you.
I will try and get John Le Carre's books. I hope they are in English!
Nice to meet you.
Looking forward to visiting your journal.