Sunday, July 29, 2007

Surprise Lilies

August 6 through 10

In my gardens I call the passionate pink lilies that seemingly shoot up and bloom over night, "Surprise Lilies". Liza Dalby knows them as Naked Ladies. Also called "Belladonna lilies, Resurrection lilies, Joker lilies" and I am sure if I sought out all the regional names there would be many.
Lycoris squamigera is their botanical name.

I have always thought of the Surprise Lily as an August flower. They shoot up when it is hot and dry in my gardens. I was very surprised this year to see them in bloom the second week of July.
Dalby writes of the equinox flower.
I do not know anything about this cousin of the Surprise Lily.

So often when I read an essay I am inspired to learn more. I do research.
Thank goodness for the internet.

I keep a little note pad near by when I am reading this book. I write myself little reminders and write down the inspirations that come while reading.

I have noticed Dalby mentions "Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon" often. I looked in the index and counted eight times she has referred to this classic.
I have never read it.

I did a bit of research and found a new translation is being published by Penguin Classics. It's release date is October, 2007. I want to read this book.
My daughter told me it is often used as a jumping off point for writing exercises.
That sounds fun.

I would like to begin this "Pillow Book" in November. Our book two. I think it also will be a book that inspires. It inspired Liza Dalby.

What do think?


Work at home said...


From: The Work at home People

I really enjoyed your story and wish you much success.

Montreal Qc


Anonymous said...

I've read The Pillow Book. It's pretty good book and interesting too. I have the Ivan Morse translation.

Sorry for not posting comments here. I do Dalby book and I'm truely enjoying. Reminds me of book call Hill Song by Lee Pennock Huntington. That too was good book, not in print anymore. So I just photocopy it.

Q said...

Hi Jp,
I hope you are in the right spot!
We are reading East Wind Melts The Ice by Liza Dalby.
Here we chat about our impressions of the different essays.
Thanks for dropping in.

Q said...

Hi Cathy,
Glad you posted!
I have been enjoying East Wind so much.
Pillow Book must be a good one.
I went ahead and pre-ordered a copy.
I am almost finished with East Wind but I keep going back and re-reading the essay for the five day period I am in.
Hope you will join in with "Pillow Book" too.