Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rotted weeds turn into fireflies

July 21 through 25
I have read this essay many times.
Lightning bugs do seem to appear from decomposing grasses.

I did not know fireflies are not west of the Rocky Mountains.
It surprised me.
I would have thought at least a pair would have traveled over in a covered wagon.
Vacationers could easily have a few in their picnic basket.

I watch the fireflies every evening. Often I walk at dusk and watch the fireflies light up through out the neighborhood. I remember when I was a child the neighborhood boys would catch them and put them in jars. Some would wear the lights as rings.

I keep going back to this essay because I feel so connected to the Japanese and Liza Dalby. Something so simple as a firefly can bring that oneness.


Sprite said...


Oh Sherry,

you know I love these little faerie creatures. They are so remarkable.

Thank you for sharing them. They bring memories for me too.



Q said...

Hi Sprite,
Every evening I watch as the fireflies come forth. There is a magic about them.
The Japanese celebrating the firefly is remarkable. I relate.
It seems in the American culture celebrating a bug is left to the children. One aspect of the Japanese culture that I like so much is this sence of awe towards natural events.

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