Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Crickets come into the walls

July 11 through 15
I have a set of brass crickets that come out in July.
They sit on the hearth with the drying camomile.
I have crickets in the gardens.
The boot cricket is old.
It sits by the front porch.

I found a reader's Journal.
It has a place to write about the books I read.
I wrote a bit about East Wind Melts the Ice.
I have been inspired by this book.
Each essay has me thinking about my natural surroundings.

It seems to me the creatures in the natural world have a purpose.
Each leaf, each bug has a purpose.
They already are masters of themselves.
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Sprite said...


I am still reading, though I didn't officially sign in as part of the book club. I truly love this book. I find that I will read and ponder, read and ponder. It fills my heart and soul with realizations and longings I had not known before.

I so appreciate your continued effort in sharing about East Wind Melts Ice.

Thank you from the depth of my soul.


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
So happy you you are reading! Me too! I think this is the kind of book one does read in spurts. It is so nice to read an essay and think about it for a spell.
I find I read and reread!
I am almost in Winter but I go back and read the essay for the five days I am currently approaching. Than I look about what is happening in my garden and in my life. I find I think about last year and five years ago and when I was a child.
You are so welcome. I am happy you joined in!

Housefrau said...

Hi Sprite! I too have been interspersing my reading with bits of reflection. The essay for that Dalby uses seems to encourage contemplation. Usually when I read a book, I go through it very quickly--sometimes so fast that I think I will have to re-read it to appreciate it. I love all the space in this book; the physical space of the pages, the sense of space between the essays, and the way i seems to open space in my mind when I read it.

Q: I like the phrase "masters of themselves." I wonder how a person becomes master of herself.

Yay, book club is fun!


Mary said...

Sorry I've been absent for some time. I still have this book although I haven't quite gotten this far. Things have been awfully chaotic and uneasy here. My mother just underwent heart valve replacement surgery and the whole process (before, during and now after the surgery while she recuperates in ICU) has pretty much dominated our sphere lately.

I plan to get back to this book soon. This book offers such a peaceful oasis of calm that I think it will be a definite balm to the spirit.

Looking forward to getting back into a more natural, easy rhythm.

Q said...

Hi Housefrau,
I am over 50 and still working on mastering myself. Hormones are so strange!
I do okay with the feeling part but the body is so confusing!
I am having trouble sleeping so I read and think and reread the essays. I have been so stimulated by this book, so very inspired!
Maybe I should read in the mornings rather than before bed!
All the stimulation maybe what is keeping me awake!

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I thought life must have become crazy for you!
Glad things have calmed down a bit.
It is an easy book to lay down and pick up weeks later. I like that. I like having it to look forward to and not feel as if I have forgotten where I was! It is stress free reading.
I hope Book Club is stress free as well. My idea was to have an easy place to come and talk about our readings as we want to!
A no worries sort of place.
It is summer, it is suppose to be easy!

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