Sunday, June 10, 2007

the mockingbird loses its song

June 16 through 20
Liza Dalby's essay 27 brought an awareness to me.
A pair of Mockingbirds live in our backyard. They have two youngsters that are always wanting food. The parents are constantly feeding these two hungry mouths.
Mockingbird has lost his song.

Other birds also seem to be singing less. As we move closer to solstice I am wondering if the birds are molting. Perhaps nesting and feeding the young has exhausted them. Maybe as the summer heat comes on they are just wanting a cool bath.
The fireflies are out at dusk and the insects have begun to sing. Maybe that is enough singing.

In my gardens the tomatoes are blooming.


Housefrau said...

I have not yet gotten to this essay. I am falling behind. I too am losing my song amid the busyness of life. I am going to make some special time this weekend to read some essays and reflect. I need my song! I am glad you posted about this essay.

Q said...

Dear Hausefrau,
I do understand how life can get too busy!
If I let myself, I too can lose my song.
Take time for you!
Sing and listen to those Hummers chatter!