Friday, June 1, 2007

Grain Ripens

June 1 through 5
I have read this essay many times. I am fascinated at how the Chinese ritual year was divided. I am thinking about my personal rituals. I do have seasonal rituals. There is celebration at my house when we pick the first tomato.

I grow a small stand of wheat every year. I grow it with the idea that someday I will learn how to do wheat weaving. I grow an old variety, Turkey Red, a winter wheat that I sow in September. It will be ripe soon. I will harvest before the temperatures reach 90 degrees F. I will dry my wheat and store my wheat. If I do not weave the wheat this year I will once again lay it out in the winter for the sparrows.

This year I sowed oats. I have never seen them grow. I do not know anything about growing oats. So far they have not even sprouted.
The birds planted millet. I guess I will let it grow. At least it has sprouted.
I like the idea of growing grains.

I made a few notes in my garden journal. After reading about Liza Dalby's Himalayan Poppy blooming I want to try to grow them. I too would like a flower in my garden the color of the sky.

I have never grown blue flowers.


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