Saturday, April 23, 2011

End of April

I like to have a
book about science on my nightstand.

I like sustainable!
This is my favorite book right now.
I like it so much I want my husband to read it.
This book has encouraged me to find my terroir,
my place of taste.

I just begun reading this history of dance and find myself
becoming upset. I seldom think about how unjustly we treat each other. Woman have mistreated for hundreds of years.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes has filled my heart with the joy of becoming a wild and wise woman. I want all my friends to listen to her stories.
I have not begun this book.
It looks interesting.
I am a plant person.
I love finding ways of using the plants I grow.

I am studying wildflowers.

I am getting to know the wildflowers that grow
near my house on the Tallgrass Prairie.

Our picnic season begins right after Easter.

The Pleiades are associated with Taurus.
I try to learn a little something about my favorite constellation every year.
All sorts of cozies!
Learning about coffee and have a few cups.
April's books have been enjoyable.

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