Saturday, March 6, 2010

March reading

I have a few Fairy Tales
to read this month.
Lots of books about Kites!

                                                    This book reminded me to look for
                                                                    the good kite in art.

This book has inspired me to collect kite photographs.

I am thinking about making a few kites this year.
I have a few other projects in the works
but making kites would be so fun!

Making mini kites sounds extra fun.
I could fly them on bamboo sticks around the house!

I am collecting all kite motif.
I am watching a few items on e-bay.

The history of kites is amazing.

I just finished Teresa of Avila.
She did live a very interesting life.

Some of the books I requested last month are just now coming in.

Ancient India was so far advanced.
I had no idea!

I am studying the Thyroid.
I think many of my troubles are from low thyroid function.
I am doing my research.

The study of textiles is the study of mankind.
When it is too cold to be out in the field looking at the past and the present
I can learn from my books.

For the best of reading
I am enjoying, savoring every word,
my friend's fourth mystery.
I want this delcious story to linger on my tongue.

What's in your March reading bag?


Jesica david said...

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D.M. SOLIS said...

Great books, great posts. I hope you will make those kites and share the pictures with us. Peace and all good things for you in creativity and in life.


StacyBeth said...

Urgent 2nd Class is one of my favorite art/inspiration books! Nice selection of readings, all are very interesting :)