Friday, December 7, 2007


While putting out my December things I sat down and read this 1896,
children's book. I normally just put it up on a stand with an old oil lamp.
I had never actually read it. I liked the cover when I bought it.
I thought it would be nice for decorating.
This little collection of stories has stayed in my mind all week.
It seems to me I have a cluster of stories. I relate these stories when I talk to friends and family. They are about what I did, who I saw and what they did. Sometimes I even have a story about how I felt about what I did and who I saw.
I even tell myself stories. My inner dialogue entertains me. I have an inner cluster of stories. Private stories I seldom share.

Every December I read A Christmas Carol.
I know many lines by heart.
Lately I have been thinking about the Spirit of Christmas Past, Present and Future.
What do my Spirits look like?

I cannot imagine a life without poetry.
I often have little ones hanging around in the corners of my mind. Little snippets and lines of mismatched words. If I do not write them down they begin to be my inner story. Characters will grow and soon I am in a fantasy land of silks and birds.

December seems to be the magical month. I create special foods and listen to special music. I want to spend time with those I love. I want to create a magical time so my memories of Christmas are sweet and joyful. I make lists of things to do. I make lists of
ideas for next year.

I find that I am similar to Sei Shonagon. We both have lists. I have a list of lists.

Do you take a break from the December frenzy and read? I need at least five minutes every day of the written word. I need about five minutes everyday to update my lists.


Anonymous said...

Hmm I think my room is overflowing with books!!! I told my parents, just give me money for B& for Christmas. Already have the books pick out aready.

But I do like to sit down with poetry books and read when eating lunch at work. Granted there are times when I don't want to get up.

Q said...

Hi Cathy,
Books and books and more books! I can never have too many books.
I have a budget line for books and music. Sometimes I do buy a book just for the cover. I love the look of a pile of books used as a stand for a vase of flowers or a pile by my nightstand just waiting to to be read.

Sprite said...


This is a very nice and thought provoking post. I have books everywhere in my house. I have recently donated 250 books, only about one quarter of what I own. I just adore books and their covers.

I like what you said about poetry, lines and stories. The inner dialog of what we tell ourselves.

I love your sharing of some of your December traditions of reading, and pondering "A Christmas Carol," and the spirits that hover over. I imagine your "Spirits" are beautiful, just as you are.

I find this to be a very magical time of year too. There are heartwarming, and soul caring stories to behold.

The beautiful lights of the decorations inside and outside the homes, and buildings; as well as trees and other lovely decor - can bring such joy to young hearts.

I adore this time of year.

Much Love~

Q said...

Hi Sprite,
We are book people.
I often think I should go through the books and take some to the used book store. Once I begin looking at them I remember all the enjoyment and think I will re-read!
It is so good of you to donate your books. After awhile there just is not enough room for me and the books. A good January project.
My christmas spirits ARE very lovely! Thank you. I have great memories of Christmas. Not only from my childhood but also of my children's Christmases when they were young. Going out of town for Christmas, we did last year will be traveling this year, is different. I like it too. I like the way my daughter and son-in-love celebrate winter. There is an ease about their way I enjoy. They are non streesful people to be with.
It is hard to know what the Holidays will be like in the future but I like being stress free. I like easy enjoyment.
It is a magical time of year. The lights are pretty. I love to do up trees.
I am looking outside this afternoon and the ice makes me think of fairy tales. Maybe I will add the Snow Queen to my holiday reading.
Happy reading.

Anonymous said...

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

I read every evening before I go to sleep. I don't think I could go to sleep without reading something.

I think I have that christms poems book. :)

Great minds ya know.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

P.S. Sometimes poems come into my mind for no apparent reason. Sometimes just a line or two. Sometimes entire stories. Fun.. It is always exciting when this happens for no apparent reason.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
LOL! Poetry is decorative.
I seem to read in the mornings. Often at night I am too tired. My husband reads before bed too. It is realxing for him.
I also often have poems dancing about in my mind. I have to write them down or they will not go away. Sometimes I just write them on slips of paper and let them go.
They are like doodles and chalk art.