Friday, April 13, 2007

Book as Object

When my book arrived I was very excited. Carefully I unwrapped it and held it.
Even before I opend the cover I was pleased. The dust jacket alone was inspiring.
The size and weight seemed perfect for reading in bed.
Once inside I found eloquent publishing touches.
I want to savor each word.
It is a beautiful book.
The images Liza Dalby discribes float in my mind as I drift off to sleep.
Tonight I will read , "8-golden orioles sing".
The Gold Finches in my garden have been singing to me.
Housefrau and I talked about "Book as object." Her phrase!
She sent a link.
Thank you Housefrau!


Mary said...

Oh my, that copy of "East Wind . . ." is far more lovely than mine - and I thought mine was perfectly charming! I have the bright green cloth cover with the pictorial insert.

Like you, I was struck immediately by the pleasing aestetic of the book. It's simply a lovely book, even without that fantastic dust cover you have. :-)

I'm a bit behind on my reading right now (I'm on 5 - "Wild Geese Head North") as I'm trying desperately to finish up some embroidery projects that will be birthday gifts. Embroidery projects that it's becomming increasingly obvious are over my head.

I'll read more "East Wind . . ." tonight.

Thanks for sharing that lovely copy!

Q said...

Hi Mary,
Your book is cloth??? Now that is very cool.
I have not seen the US copy in person. Maybe I can go hold it at the bookstore.
It is a delightful book to read, with spaces used so nicely and drawings here and there.
Nice of you to do the embroidery for gifts. I have not picked up the needle for many years.
We can read East WInd for months if we want!!!
One of the joys of our own space, to enjoy each other and our books as we are able!