Friday, March 30, 2007

East Wind Melts the Ice

Our first book will be East Wind Melts the Ice, by Liza Darby. We will begin discussing it as soon as everyone has received their books and started reading!

I thought we could get to know each other a little bit.
What books are on your night table?
Right now I have "Wildlife Friendly Plants" by Rosemary Creeser and "The Naming of Names The Search For Order In The World Of Plants" by Anna Pavord.

Since April is National Poetry Month I thought we might enjoy a few poems.
I receive a poem a day in April from Boazoi Reader.


housefrau said...

Hello everyone! I'm looking forward to our book club.

Right now on my nightstand: _Dead Souls_ by Nikoli Gogol, _Consider the Lobster_ by David Foster Wallace, and _The Green Lake Is Awake: Selected Poems_ by Joseph Ceravolo.

How about everybody else?

Mary said...

Hi there.

My library just got their copies of the book and I'm just waiting for it to be sent to my branch for pick-up. I'm really looking forward to reading and discussing this book.

On my nightstand, I've got:
_The Historian_ by Elizabeth Kostova, _How Nancy Drew Saved My Life_ by Lauren Baratz-Logsted, _All Quiet on the Western Front_ by Erich Maria Remarque.

Chris said...

Well I am still waiting for my library to obtain the book for me, but it shouldn't be long now :-)
At the moment I am still plodding through Da Vinci Code, but find The Lost Continent more entertaining:-) I also have the Illustrated Book of Insects and a couple of old Country Life magazines.

Q said...

Hi Housefrau,
Thank you again for getting our spot up and looking so nice.
The Joseph Ceravolo poems look great. On my book list!

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I to am full of pleasant anticipation for East Wind Melts The Ice!
My book list is growing fast!
What do you think of "Historian"?
I love the title of "How Nancy Drew Saved My Life".

Q said...

Hi Chris,
"The Illustrated Book Of Insects" sounds like a must have book!
I love reference material. I read mine like novels! The field guides I have on birds and butterflies are almost worn out.
It is nice to have magazines here and there about the house. I save mine from year to year too. I find I pop a magazine in my to-go bag just in case!
We will have fun discussing our book as soon as we all get it!
Mine and Housefrau's should be here around the 15th.
Until then we can read poems!
The Poem a Day for April is nice. I see the world a bit different after reading a morning poem.

Mary said...

Hi Sherry.

I'm thrilled. I just got an email from the library letting me know that "East Wind . . . " is in and waiting for me.

"The Historian" is really fascinating. I wasn't entirely sure I liked it at the beginning, but 200 pages or so into it, I'm totally hooked. I'm a fairly quick reader and usually zip through books, but this one I'm taking my time with. The book is very atmospheric and dense.

Sadly, "Nancy Drew Saved My Life" is neither atmospheric or dense. It's "chick lit" and not terribly good chick lit at that. I definitely enjoy my share of "fluff" reads, but it needs to be well written fluff.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
Excellent! You will be the first to start reading.
Let us know what you think.
I did an entire series (13) of fast "Chick non-lit" last December. I gobbled the books up as if they were potoato chips!
I am so looking forward to your impression of East Wind.

Chris said...

I have managed to get the book on Ebay! Mine was the only bid, I can't believe it! Anyway I've paid for it so it should be next week sometime. Thanks to housefrau from me too for setting up this blog :-)

Q said...

Wow Chris,
I never thought of checking e-bay.
Great buy!
I am still waiting. I will send Housefrau hers as soon as they get to me.
I am excited our books are all coming in.
Part of the fun this time has been the anticipation.
Do let us know what your first impression is.

Chris said...

I have my copy :-) and have read the preface. I have already learnt from it!

Q said...

Hi Everyone,
Looks as if we all have our books. Housefrau will get hers in a couple of days. Sorry honey it took so long!
Oh Chris, I know what you mean. I carefully started reading last night. I too just allowed the preface. I like her style and the idea of using the seventy-two stages of the ancient Chinese almanac.

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